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René Bail dans À tout prendre

adagio for a biker
2008, 90 minutes, documentary film, color

A pioneer of independent filmmaking, René Bail is nonetheless an almost unknown figure of Quebec's cinema of the 50's. In 1972, at the age of 40, he suffers a tragic accident which shatters his life. This film tells René Bail’s exceptional story until his death in 2007, and his life long passion for cinema.

L'Arbre aux branches coupées

tree with severed branches
2005, 80 minutes, documentary film, color

Out of their Spartan lives, two humble, elderly Moscovites carve an imaginary world - a space of identity created in solitude. Following the social upheaval of Russia art becomes a lifeline for these seasoned cast-offs.

L'Immortalité en fin de compte

something like immortality
2003, 81 minutes, documentary film, color

While travelling the roads of the Quebec countryside, one often sees off-beat
structures and fabulous installations. These curious constructions are the
work of local people who, even with no artistic training, are compelled by an
almost-visceral desire to create. This film shows us the work and everyday
life of three such artists. Harshly judged by their compatriots, they face the
devastating reality of living on the fringe of a society that seeks to ostracize
them at all cost


2001, 48 minutes, documentary film, color

A portrait of the artist Sergente Palmerino (1919-2005) who lost decades of work  when his appartment, workshop and store burned to the ground.