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Alexeï Ivanovitch Kantsourov


Born in 1932 in Rostov-on-Don (northern Causasus), Kantsurov was employed as a mason in Moscow and promised a better future, which unfortunately never materialized. For 36 years, he has eked out a meagre living in his tiny room, without protest. He has never protested. Yet his living conditions do not curtail his happiness because of his great inner will and, above all, the freedom he has. Kantsurov is a painter of undeniable force. He considers himself a guardian of life and homeland. The beauty and depth of his work are indescribable. Kantsurov interprets Nature as a source of happiness, and painting gives him a reason to live.

Alexeï Yakovlevitch Sizov


Born in 1925 in a small village in the Komi-Permiak region of the Urals, Sizov was a committed Communist, and hence quickly rose in the Red Army ranks to the level of colonel. The idealistic Sizov readily denounced the injustice, corruption and criminal acts he witnessed by writing - at some risk to himself - to the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Party. The army found Sizov bothersome, and re-posted him as a forest ranger almost 25 years ago. Today, he still denounces the injustices and living conditions suffered by this fellow citizens. Such social action is of the utmost importance to him. Sizov is a sincere man, devoted to truth and justice for all. Art enables him to convey his ideals and finally gain a certain serenity.